Wednesday, May 31, 2006

reasons why I'll never be a mommy blogger

So I just got back from taking Tybalt our 10 week old kitten to my daughters (9 goin' on 19) grade school for a little kitty show and tell before school gets out. All went well, all the kids (even in the halls) were accosting me with oooohhhhhh's and aaaahhhhh's and isnt he cuuuuuuuuuuute's. So I spend a half an hour with the kids, when its all done and the teacher wants to restore peace to the chaos I have created I take the cat and proceed to go, the teacher halts me and thanks me for letting her do the showing and telling as some parents come in and want to play rock stars, ME I walked in plopped the cat in my daughters eager hands and stood at the back of the room hoping I wouldnt have to talk but minimally to other peoples children (not my favorite thing to do) then I left, and heres why I wont ever be a mommmy blogger: on my way home from the school with the cat in my lap I could not stop myself from thinking "I have a little pussy between my legs"
HEH ;}