Monday, May 15, 2006

Its a HOT one today my friends

Well, its not really, it was 85 today in beautifull Astoria, and its still in the 70's now, by the time I left my office my boots were sticking to my legs. We have no air conditioning in the furniture store I work in as it is only REALLY hot enough for it about two weeks a year. So managment says suffer and suffer we do. Last year it got so hot in there that the other girls and I were soaking hand towels in cold water and puting them in the closest freezer to us then wearing them around our necks when they froze to avoid heat stroke. But alas it is only May and its gonna get worse, the towel episode tempurature was around 100 steady for a week. But living at the coast has this luxury, the heats blows off at night. I grew up in Portland Oregon and there the heat does not go away when it starts, just and endless monotany of heat that only resides a little in the dark and manages to be stompin' hot by the time you leave for work. At least here it gives you a break and lets you have a little cool temps only to be teased by it when it gets to 85 by 9:30am. Really Im not bitchin' its acctually nice not to be cold. I am a heat freak, in the winter I will stand over the heat register with a blanket selfishly hogging all the wonderfull, wonderfull hot air blowing up my skirt ;) Ill even sing a little tune in my selfishness, a song from My fair lady words changed to fit the scene "all I want is a vent somewhere, blowing heat up my dairyair"So I dont mind being a little to warm because I know its only temperary, soon enough I be in my big ugly sweaters (as my loved one calls them) and freezin' my ass off again, so...bring on the heat, Is it hot where you are?