Sunday, May 21, 2006

How I'd feel if I didn't have so much cleaning to do...

I will not get dressed today,
for I am not going out to play.
I will not romp or hop or jump,
I think my shoulder has a lump.
There is a mean ol' pain in my neck,
Good Lord I feel like such a wreck.
I do not feel like going out,
I only wish to sit and pout.
Or sulk or cry or whine and beg.
OH NO! the pains crept down my leg.
I have so many things to do,
I think Ill pretend I have the FLU.
And lay around and watch the box,
(its a good excuse to wear fluffy socks.)
But medicine is bad to drink,
feining the FLU is no good I think.
I think Ill go flip channels from my chair,
I might just take a nap right there.
Dont I deserve it anyway?
Not having to get dressed today.
DAT 2005