Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nothin' ta say

Wouldnt you know it? as soon as I start my stupid blog all the good material stopped flowing in. My kids have stop acting out in funny ways and are just straight brats instead, I do have lots to say acctually but its about my job and that is taboo im told. But fear not readers my corporate office tells me they are closing the furniture store I work in (yipee! unemployment for me!) so when thats all over Ill have a diatribe to write. So bring on the liquidation damn it! Im ready to be a stay at home mom for awhile, interspersed with over-whelming joy at my freedom that allmost seems like cheating. Really I HATE my job, it involves calling people and demanding they pay their bills, I dont recommend this type of work, but closing the store is the only way I can get a break. Also, being 32 this is probably the ONLY opertunity I will ever get to go back to school. And you know what they say about opertunity knockin', apparently it only happens once so sweet jesus Im gonna open the door.
sorry I dont have anything more interesting/funny to say, maybe tomorrow will bring something funny to blog about.
OH! I almost forgot, this morning in fair Astoria a poor very large, very DEAD grey whale was spotted next to the peir at our local Safeway and all the paper had to say about it was that it was dead and they had called the official "whale removers" and they had a "plan" for its removall.
And this with 3000 tourists from a cruise ship millin' around.