Friday, June 02, 2006

My first e-bay purchase ever!

Okay this is the 1st thing I ever bought on e-bay, arent they fabulous? And look, just look at that heal, they were only $10! I was so excited, my 1st on-line purchase. They arrived and I put one on my right foot...soooooooooooo fuckin' cute could not wait to wear them to work the next day. Then, I sat them side by side to admire them, but wait I have them backwards...right on the left, left on the right. So I switched them around...this did not help...they still look funny. I switched'um again, still not right WTF??? then I really start to look at them, my girl Marie was over and shes lookin' at'um funny to. Then almost in unison we both realize the problem and blurt it out...I have TWO RIGHT SHOES! I got my money back, the lady who sold them to me was also duped, she thought they were a size 9 (that IS what the box says size 9) and once she realized they were acctually a 6 she didnt even notice they were two right shoes, and she sold them to me still unknowing. She was really apologetic and all, but I, I am still heartbroken over the shoes and I keep them still because maybe someday Ill find two left shoes and then (gleefull grin) Ill have TWO pairs of these fabulous shoes.