Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Okay so this is my first real post pertaining to my children.
My oldest child who is 9 and will be 19 in August is driving my crazy.
I am not a bad morning person, in fact I tend to wake my children with a smile and a tickle and try to get them smiling also. My oldest is the most suseptable to this treatment as out of the two she is the most like myself. So normally this brings a smile and a giggle. From here is all goes to hell, the child WILL NOT focus in the morning, she will be distracted from her morning routine of not missing the bus by the smallest molecule of dust. Now, if I dont RIDE HER ASS every single minute from the time she wakes till she walk out the door she will inevitably miss the bus. Like this morning, when its two minutes till time to go and she is playing with the kitten instead of brushing her hair (a three minute task) and puting on her shoes ( a four minute task if she knows where she took them off) and I let this happen because bad mother that I am I finally took a minute to finally use the bathroom this 35 minutes after Ive risen. Shame on me! thinking of my bladder at a time like this. So I brush her hair for her, which she hates, time for a hair cut kid ;} and I rush her out the door, I forget to say I love you (which her father pointed out) and I can hardly get her to even say goodbye. Now remember, all was well when she first rose, but now...Im the Evil Queen...see why Im so named? Its been a nickname for much longer than this blogs life. I used to work with a girl-friend whos name is also Dennise but with two n's. To differentiate between us our co-workers called her Dennise and me the Evil Denise, So I come by it honestly. But I truly start out pleasant enough, pliable and reasonable, so hopefull that the morning will progress without incident. Is it too much to ask that my child dress herself, brush her own hair and teeth and get her shoes and coat on and get out the door in 45 minutes?? Do all 9 year olds act like tortured princesses that have been set upon by the Evil Witch who's only goal is to bring misery to the life of fair princess?? or is it just mine? Ah well, tomorrow is another day...And I...I am doomed to be the Evil Queen once more.
(see here my fair one, a shiny red apple for you...)