Saturday, May 13, 2006

not so simple after all ;}

Okay this is not as easy as you all make it look.
Im sitting here trying to figure out how to post a picture on my log like Ive seen on every other blog I visit, not that I have a picture to post right this minute but how would I do it if I did? so I went to my handy dandy help icon, It states that I should click on my picture icon when Im building my post. But folks, there doesnt seem to be any such icon anywhere that I can see, maybe Im just a novice ( I am ) but Im just not seein' it. I guess Ill have to play with it some more, you know how it loves to be played with (wink wink) anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on how I might cease to be blogger illiterate (no need to go all Red Forman mind you) then I would be very greatfull for any helpfull instruction.