Monday, May 29, 2006

My Alex, the hammer theifling

A few months ago I went out and purchased a hammer. Now, it isnt as though we dont have a hammer, emphasis on the we. Its more like I dont have a hammer. I purchased one that was just right for me being that I am small with small hands. When I brought this hammer home, Alex proceeded to basically laugh and point at my "whoosy girl hammer" so I said fine if you think its so girly then you dont use it. Then I walked said hammer over to the pile of (no joke) things that needed fixing/hanging and set it down next to the little package of finishing nails I has also purchased. Then I forgot about it for the night as it was to late in the evening to hammer anything the girls sleeping and all and I had the next day off with no kids at home to make all the noise I wanted. So the next day comes along and I get everyone out the door and go to tend to my mending. What do I find? no hammer. no nails. (steam rolling out of ears...) Undanted by this I go looking and not finding my new hammer and nails...where could they have gone in the span of 7 hours rest? I look, I dont find. I scrounge up enough nails to get at least the hanging done and I use a wrench to hammer them in with. Untill today I never have found the hammer or the nails. Now I have this really cool hand made Moon to hang with my collection that my MIL brought back from Mexico for me. So I say it out loud "has anyone seen my hammer? you know it disappeared the day I bought it and I havent seen it since.
" Alex: no, havent seen it," (doesnt look up from game).
9 goin' on 19: "here it is mommy, it was in daddy's tool bucket."
Now I look over at him and here he is with a smirky smirk and his head is so far between his shoulders it appears he has no neck. So, I remind him of the laughing and the pointing and all the HE HE HE you bought a girly hammer, this little whoosy thing couldnt hammer anything conversation. I guess right after I set it down, he walked over and forgot all about the little laugh and point episode and his brain went all mmmmmmmmmmm toooooooooooooools (mouth now open, toungue hanging, sound homer makes when spoting doughnuts) and swiped them for his own. LADIES! say it with me now...DUMBASS!
ya piss and moan about your tools so I buy my own and ya steal'um. A girl cant win.