Sunday, May 14, 2006

Is it Mothers Day still?

Well, that didnt last long, I went from being the 'GREATEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD' back to the Evil Queen. It seems it is the meanest thing ever for me to ask my 9 year old tortured princess (goin' on 19) to pick up her room for 15 minutes. As a favor to me on Mothers Day. What I was met with upon this request was a grimace that would have scarred small children and the loud stomping of feet on the staircase. And this was my mothers day request mind you. When she reached the top of the stairs she threw open the door and yelled in a manacing voice to her sister "GET YOUR STUPID STUFF OFF MY BED DORK!" and I just spent 10 minutes explaining that their messy room might be part of the reason they have a little trouble gettin' along. sigh...
and well really...what did I expect of moms day when I gave birth anyway? roses and breakfast in bed or something? please, silly mommy tricks are on you...heh. So back to normal, I mean whats a Mothers Day without ungrateful children anyway? heres hoping your day is just as entertaining ;)