Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Night at the house of Evil.....

Okay, so my two little girls through such a bazerker rage fit fight with each other that it made me mad enough to worry about what punishment I should deal out as being this angry could cause them discomfort. SO...I put them to bed without dinner for the first time in their shall we say "well fed" lives, NOW! lets get one thing straight, this was their fathers idea, and I thought is was a wonderfull idea as beating them seemed a little harsh considering the mood it put me in, much safer form of punishing Id say and would make them suffer just as much if not MORE than a good spanking (oh I know GASP! shut up) BUT NO! their father is a big giant MARSHMELLOW and caved in, see I made a roast tonight with corn on the cob and big baker baked potatoes, EVEN BETTER! make them smell the roast but not eat, let them hear us eating dinner but not get any themselves. But no, sigh. He fucking caved in, then my daughter the oldest just now walked down the stairs, ney skipped down them with a "Ive never been in trouble in all my life im so innocent" look apon her face. FUCK! if this continues untill she's a teenager IM OUTA HERE!! I will not do the backward slide into hell because of an unruley teen HELL NO! ill go and he can stay and deal with the monsters he has created, AND the little one was allready asleep, he woke her! so much for "wait till your father gets home" there will be none of that. I get to be the harpy then? So be it, but remember you forced me. I am and will remain, THE EVIL QUEEN.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

To the little birthday girl whos not so little anymore...

This little girl just turned 7 years old last wednesday, Oh my god how the time does fly by so swiftly, Happy Birthday My little watermelon baby!

I found this today.....

This is me in the 1st grade, and it accured to me how very much my oldest child looks like me. I held it up next to her 1st grade picture and allthough you can tell we are two differant people the resemblance is well scary. And this is also to prove that at one point I WAS a sweet cute little girl, unlike the mean evil woman I have become.

what I did on my summer vacation...

We went to Miss Melanie's house (and I did slap her on the ass! but it was 'cause she let slip that I was available to speak on the phone to someone I didnt feel like speakin' to at the time!) we spent 4 wonderfull days doin' pretty much nothing but letting the kids play, and lo and behold they have reach an age where they do not fight, oh my god it just hit me, I dont think they fought one time the entire time we were there. HEY MELANIE! can you remember a fight between any of the girls while we were there? Has it come to it finally? have our children reached an age finally where they can hash out their differances without incident? there was a time when we couldnt get through a half an hour without having to break up some scuffle or another between two or all of our children, 'cause lets face it when you have 4 girl children between the ages of 4 and 10 things can get a little dramatic and the drop of a hat, hell at the drop of anything. but NOW they are between the ages of 7 and 12 and all is right with the world. GOOD LORD THE YOUNGEST OF THEM IS 7. for the love of god where did the time go. Im gonna blink and there all gonna be callin' me from their own houses telling me what they did that weekend, and far be it from me to rush things but BRING IT! I am so ready to be a selfish woman again with no real care in the world but what I WILL BE WEARING today. not that I dont love my children and my nieces but I am innately selfish and had it not been for their father who begged I probably would have never had children. But while I have them its nice to be able to take them to someone else who is in the same boat and just let them all be little girls. So thanks Melanie, for letting me descend apon you with my loud little blondies and for dealing with the ever dreaded birthday party with me (the source of all Mother's exaustion, the B-Day party) Thank you for being my very best friend so I can do things like spring on you a new futon mattress for your poor sad little mattressless futon frame so as to cease to cause a health hazard in your living room. For letting me witness your totally awesome feline and his incredible freak out show. For being such a good sport when my stupid sweetheart pulled out his fucking hallmark card and had your MIL sign the R.S.V.P and happily invited her into your presence where you could not without causing major trouble extricate your self from the situation (ps I believe he did it on purpose now fucking ass) leave it to the men to make sure THEY arent uncomfortable in any situation even if it means forcing their women to PRETEND to be nice and not angry. thank you thank you thank you. I had a fab-u-lous time. And! now its your turn. you need to come see me now. The weathers beautifull, the water has that summer ocean smell to it that will stop you dead and find you sniffing the air like you have never breathed untill just that moment. and heres the clincher, it cools off at night, and it starts off cool in the morning, and we need more pictures of the girls driving the water bound machine of doom. so thats what I did on my big vacation. stay tuned theres still 6 weeks of summer left before school starts and I have one more KID B-Day to celebrate (good times!)

Monday, July 17, 2006

aaaaaaaaaaaaand we're off!

Okay, so were pack to the roof on account a I got Miss Melanie in Orygun something she really needs and since I perpetuated the need I suppose Ill have to rectify her problem, however she has no Idea what it is and so I wont ruin the surprise by anouncing it here. BUT will have her fill all you's in when we's get there. So we're on our way out of town as on NOW! one quick stop and the fillem up station and away to P-town we go. And hey Kevin! I promise to give her a good healthy swat on the ass for ya this time! kisses ;)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Im losin' my mind

I just realized that its been well longer than I can remember since Ive had any time to myself. I go to work and I deal with disgruntled customers and disgruntled employees, then I come home and I deal with disgruntled children then I get up and start all over again. I need a drink.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Its an aniversary....

Im not sure of the exact date of this picture so we'll just call it a summer aniversary, and I know I said at one point that we were never married but I guess I fibbed 'cause I looked up on my wall and spotted this, it was taken about 13 years ago this month. We met about 3 years before that, I must note that while the church is no more Alex and I still endure. Happy Aniversary Alex!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Just in case....

your children are whining about doing the chores whilst on their summer vacation.....

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ever have one of those days?

Or weeks rather, when your completley irratated? people irratate me. Everywhere I go theres some rude asshole waiting to irrate me. Yesterday at work I had a lady call me about her furniture delivery, now this women is getting an exchange for her merchandise so she is fully aware that her delivery will be sometime between 12 noon and 6pm. Our warehouse calls these people and gives them a 4 hour window for there delivery (legally we have to) now Im at work on one of the most beutifull days this summer and Im working ALONE, when she calls to bitch (real loud) "you mean I am expected to be held captive in my house all day waiting for YOU PEOPLE! my children want to go to the RIVER! I felt like saying "you know, your welcome to free up your day by bringing your lazy ass down here and picking this shit up yourself, then you dont have to wait for US PEOPLE to bring you your shit. But I cant say that. I dont know about you all but when I have a delivery, when I pay for something that I want and PAY for it to be delivered I will wait, Ill wait all day, HELL the cable guy gives you a window OF all day, "between 8 and 5 ma'am, thats the best I can tell you." What is with people? do they think its okay to treat people this way? never in my life have I called a business up and been that rude to them. Then she went on to say, "I want you to get ahold of your men and narrow that window down, I have a life you know!" Now, Ive been irrated for more than a week at this point, what I want to say is "BITCH if your life is so important why did you agree to be at home for your fucking delivery that youve been harrassing me for a week over?" why did you call me everyday to yell at me that your merchandise was taking a WHOLE WEEK to arrive? Let me tell you something lady, I have people who have been waiting for there furniture to arrive from FUCKING CHINA for months and you want to bitch about a week? WTF? If shopping is so damn frustrating and enprisoned like for you then why dont you find another hobby, hmmm? Normal people are so happy that there new furnishings are to arrive that day that they'll happily stay home to wait. And those who dont want to wait all day? they PICK IT UP!!! 'cause really the price of renting a u-haul to pick up your shit is cheaper than the wopping $75 it takes for delivery. The only problen with that? They have to haul their OWN shit into there house. You know some people are just unhappy all the time and its these people who make it a point to spread their misery to others, 'cause you know it loves the company. I just have one thing to say....THANKS!, thanks a whole fuckin' bunch. You suck!

Saturday, July 01, 2006