Thursday, May 25, 2006

Letter to the Idiot mother at the grade school.

Dear Idiot Mother at the grade school,
I realize it is difficult for you to comprehend that you and your child are not the only two people in the world and that you are oblivious to the needs and time constrainst of others as like I said you are unaware of the exsistance of others. This IS what kept me from ramming you with my truck and then getting out of said truck and pulling you out of yours and beating the shit out of you.
Also I realize that the construction of the cattle shoot like one-way area that we all have to drop our children off at is confusing to you as again you are oblivious. I would like to point out that there is enough room for EIGHT LARGE SUV'S to pull up stop and drop off our children AT THE SAME TIME. So with that said, could you PLEASE pull your god damn truck more than 1 car length into this one-way cattle shoot like drop off zone? Because were you to snap out of your self-centered no-one but you world and accidentily look into your rear view mirror (do you know what that is? or where?) you would see not less than 10 cars patiently waiting for your child to remember how to open a door, then hover with the door open while you mutter something that probably has nothing to do with the dropping off of your child, then remember how to shut the door, then wait for you to move your fat oblivious ass out of the way so we can all show you how its done when 7 us pull up and out pop all 10 to 15 of our children. Now, all this I can forgive you, because, 1. maybe you are that stupid -or- 2. maybe your child has special needs (seriously) -or even this- 3. your child is afraid of a bully who is in the waiting cars behind you and you are protective. So if that is the case, then why after you held us all up because you seemingly did not know the procedure did you pull up far enough for everyone to not only pull up but to get around you too and stop there to look in the FUCKING MIRROR???? why could you not have done that in the 1st place? why? why do you have to bring me to contemplating brutal violence in front of all the little kiddies and the administration of the grade school? For this I really wanted to pull you out of your truck and beat the crap out of you! What really sent the steam out of my ears is after all of this was that upon taking a look at her as I passed...she was still completely oblivious. She had no idea how many SUV driving mothers in that lot wanted to do the same. So, Lady please, please get your lazy ass out of the house and put your spoiled child on the damn school bus. Because some of us only take our children to school when they MISS IT!!!!
Evil Queen