Tuesday, November 21, 2006

uhhhhhh, ya.

So, Ive had a little blockage goin' on here for a little while, Ive had my computer back for about 5 days now and while the man type person has been monopolizing all of the computer time I haven't been to inclined to bitch about it. I'm super dull these days and my thoughts roam from "I cant remember that last time I washed this" too "Oh my god what is that?" too "which room do I disassemble, disinfect and reassemble today" wanna hear what I found under my kids beds? I think not, yeah a real journalistic genius here folks. BUT at least I have a computer with which to bore you all with when I do have something mundane and droll to say and it only cost me $55 some postage and some patience . P.S. Kris, I am ever so sorry I haven't logged on to My space, I'm still completely illiterate with it and its all I can do to check my e-mail these days. Seems now that I'm not working I'm busier than when I was. But eventually here maybe after Thanksgiving (my parents are coming) I'll get the house completely clean then I can think about school. There Melanie, I posted. However its a yawner. Maybe I'll post tomorrow between the pumpkin pie cooking and the deviled egg recipe I plan to create. Since my father is the reigning deviled egg king and master I have to try to master the art myself. Someone has to carry on the family legacy.

Friday, November 17, 2006

So, I got my new mother board...

However, it looks like the computer it self was the problem and we are swiftly playing process of alimination to try to find the original problem that caused the motherboard to fry. I would allready have reformated my computer were it not for the precious pics I have downloaded that I am currently trying to extract BUT my click/drag functions don't seem to be responding, so its proving difficult to accomplish. My next step is to e-mail all my files to myself in order to save what I cant extract. I just wanted to stop by briefly to let anyone who would care to know that I love and miss all of you and your blogs and as soon as I can stop worrying about my computer crashing I plan on posting my "why I would not continue working for McMahan's Furniture" post and will also be spending an entire day reading all and I do mean ALL of the posts on my blog roll list that I've missed while I've been away.
Love you all,
Love Evil.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Short Note

My computer is down. The motherboard is toast, but it's under warranty, so we're getting a new one. It's a ten-day turnaround, and we're mailing it tomorrow, so you can expect me to post again in under two weeks. Seeya soon!