Thursday, August 31, 2006

My week at a glance...

Okay sunday was supposed to be spent relaxing but instead I had to go pick up the my stranded man from a 2nd yurt building trip, which was crazy. as soon as I arrived his rides car started.
On the way home we were almost hit head on by a state patrol truck who's was going so fast when he rounded the corner in my lane that his tires were squealing and he ran me off the road. Our warehouse guys have managed to break the same part on the same delivery truck twice this week. It is now in the shop for the second time.
The idiot warehouse manager who doesnt know how to do his job has pissed everyone off in the store, two of his guys quit, but he still manages to think he knows what hes doing and were all idiots (pssssst, he broke the truck the 1st time, 3rd time in his 9 month employment!)
Today is my mans 33rd birthday Happy Birthday Axe! IIIIIIII luv ya. And today he was feeling nice and said "get as dirty as you want, schools almost here its your last chance." To our children while we were at his aunts house.
They literaly were covered head to toe in mud. You ever see those little aborigany kids with mud so thick it kinda dreads their hair? My children. I had to cover the backseat with sleeping bags (thank god I left them in the truck) and they still trailed mud all over the back and the back of the front seats even though I practically wrapped them in the bags. Should've stuffed them inside.
Then I get home only to realize that the dog has some how sliced open his foot and has saturated the buff colored fabric of my front seat with blood.
And there is only 5 days left till school starts and I havent bought one damn thing for the kids yet. That was just before I sat down to post. I can safely say I need a break.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The two voices of Evil.

So it was brought to my attention today that I have two very differant voices. One is my "how are you today? how can I help you? sure I can take your money!" voice. The second is my "get your slow lazy ass to the office and out of the dark warehouse you lazy fucking warehouse guy!" voice. and while I dont acctually say that, its more like "warehouse to the office for customer assitance" Its a very drop everything and get up here yesterday, voice. The first is sweet natured with a little lifting of the octave range sweet curtious and polite, the second one drops at least an octave lower and has a distinct "mother telling her children what to do and to do it swiftly" type of twinge to it. My customer heard both in the span of two minutes and said "WOW! thats a noticable voice differance, I wouldnt have thought those two voices came from the same person if I hadnt been watching it." What can I say? some times ya gotta be nice, sometimes ya gotta be a BITCH!.

Friday, August 18, 2006

So, after some serious consideration...

Ive decided NOT! to take the job doing collections on commision. Some things have come to light that I cannot reveal here yet, that have led me to understand something about myself. I can no longer in good conscience continue to work for this company and upon my termination my first blog will be WHY I can no longer subject myself to them.
to be continue'd.....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

god help me...

Just to let anyone know not that anyone would ask, ill be a little busy and not too bloggy for awhile. We just started liquidating at the furniture store and its a fuckin nightmare. No really, its so much worse than I ever could have imagined. Im there till 7:30pm almost every day just trying to get the 5 total figures they want 1st thing every morning off of 8 stacks of paper where everything is a jumbled mess and this doesnt even include what cash/check/credit cards we took. My head is on perma-pound. Two days off in a row and I spent the 1st day just getting over the headache. So, I may post I may not, things are gonna get pretty boring (more so that usual) over here at the house of Evil. Good night and good luck (to me.)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

HEH! thought I was gettin fired....

Okay so yesterday Im on my day off right, My store manager calls and says "Big G wants to talk to you, can you come to work for a little while if your comming this way? he needs to talk to you, I dont know why " Okaaaaaaaaay. So Im freakin' out! I figure okay they found a way to get rid of me AND screw me out of unemployment too. Not so, they want me to work from home. Sounds nice right? wrong, they want me to bust my ass to work their collections but they want me on commision, so at the end of the day if noone pays, I dont get paid for the work I just did, so in other words if I cant get'um to pay Im working for free, FOR FREE, and the commision they did offer? I seriously can make more money on unemployment and NOT work. And what really burns me is they think its this gift of a job because Id be doin' it from home. Now, I use to work in property management so I am all too familiar with what happens when you turn your home into an office, you loose all your rights to privacy, because their shit is in your house. They want to give me a computer, a fax machine, put a phone line in my home and transfer the store's phone # to MY HOUSE, I told them Id think it over as I have till the store closes to decide. I really want to sever all ties with this company though, they are as loyal as polititions. AND I hate doing collections. I dont want to call people and ask them for money. I dont want to due legal work and I dont want to go to court. They tell me "you can remain anonymous, you can use a differant name." Ya untill Im in court with them in the afternoon and then the grocery store with them in the evening. I dont know, its every Mom's dream to work from home right? then the wopper "you could make any where from $2500 to $6000 a YEAR." WOOPDY FUCKIN DO!!! again I can make more than that on unemployment. so once again they want to shaft me, pay me less than Im worth to do more than there paying me for. At this point I just dont know. could you make good money working commision at a job you despise?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The sweetest gift

Dear Universe,
Today, my mother-in-law took my children to her house, just outside of portland. WOO HOO!!! no fighting, no fussing, no "MOM SHE CALLED ME AN IDIOT." "NO I DID NOT YOU STUPID IDIOT!!!". ahhhhhhh the peace and quiet, I may just go to bed and not get up till tomorrow, or go visit some friends with no kids and drink all their booze. Id be at the bar right now except that the little repreive im getting also came right after the rent was due so I am completley broke and can do nothing with myself that requires funds. Ah well at least Im free for a few days. that will have to do, Thank you universe for giving me this kind gift. Now bring them back to me safe and sound so I dont regret the wonderfull me time I have been given.
Evil Queen.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hey Buddy! your village called! they would like to have their idiot back.

So I really cant say all that much because I do want to stay employed long enough to collect my well deserved unemployment compensation. BUT! I have three dudes at my store going through AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL the inventory (psst, no ones done it in three years!) and their realizing that its bad, its so fucking bad. Its not surprising their having to close this store. They are fucking morons when it comes to inventory. So when we got the memo saying who was comming and it said "they'll be there Mon. & Tues." well its wednesday, when I left at 6pm (being a woman Im not qualified to do the inventory) I asked sweetly "So, I take it your not done yet so...y'all will be here tomorrow? (yes I said y'all) and he replied yes we'all will. Okay then see ya tomorrow! He tried to convince me to stay and help but I reminded him I wasnt qualified. So, needless to say, twice today they said out loud how bad it all was and twice I laughed out loud. I couldnt help it. It was a little easier to take when I could see the look in their eyes...the one that told me that they could see how fucked up and frustrating it all was and that I was completley aware of it, not only that but I had been dealing with it for longer than they really were aware of (they really think women are stupid, they really have that one backwards.) Anyway...I should stop. But when I have time and no job I am so gonna bitch, tattle and whine till Im blue.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ever have a Mom sandwich?

Well thats how I woke up this morning, the littlest girl apparently crawled into bed with me in the middle of the night and its been so long since she 's done it that I let her stay when I realized she was there, I even curled myself around her and cuddled up with her. Cause really, how much longer can I do that? soon she wont be little at all. Then the daddy decided he was gonna cuddle up with ME, which was absolutley wonderfull at the time, I had the little girl curled up to my tummy and I was curled up in the daddy's tummy and all was right with the world. Untill they turned up the heat, then it went from a cold Mom sandwhich to a fried Mom sandwich. This woke me up from a dead sleep (another reason to cuddle with little girl, she gives off an awesome sleep vibe that NO-ONE could resist) I found I could not move, I was sweaty (most unattractive) and my elbow (?) and one small spot on the side I wasnt laying on was hurting so bad it allmost made yelp. Instead I woke the daddy and politely ask for my share of the bed back, not that cuddling with my big giant man isnt nice but once youve started to puddle you risk grossing him out 16 years or no. I then left the two of them as going back to sleep was not an option, my eyes had lazily drifted to the clock which told me it was 2 minutes till it started to yelp, oh well, (sigh) back to hell, I, I mean work.