Sunday, May 21, 2006

The yard fairy

Today, whilst cleaning my pig-sty of a house I havent been able to tend to for more than a week, I looked out my window and there in the yard is my Land Lady. She doenst live in my town so she made to 2 1/2 hour drive to come improve the yard. Now she is a landscaper and when we moved in she said she would do all the heavy landscaping because as renters she wasnt expecting us to do the intriquete (?) yard sculpting that she wanted. So I now have at least 15 iris's in the yard 3 lilac trees which she was crafty enough to buy three that were all three weeks apart in bloom cycle, ensuring that as one bushes blooms start to brown the next ones start to really bloom and so with the 3rd. NICE, now theres a nice layer of top soil all over the unsightly areas where the beach grass and the normal grass fight amongst the weeds and the sand/dirt. And best of all she let me keep my pitifull patch of Oregon strawberries that I lovingly replanted from the shady back yard into the really sunny and hot front yard and the shock of that is hopefully wearing off this 3rd year later. Maybe Ill acctually get a nice juicy strawberry instead of the started to be nice then shriveled up and turned black before they were as big as the tip of your pinky variety I got last year. Really I would be happy if I got just one! So maybe in the next few days Ill acctually study this here pic posting thing and post a photo of my newly re-dressed front yard. It really is starting to look kinda quaint and pretty. Itll go good with the new adirondack chairs I got for such a good deal that will arive on Tuesday.
Hope you all are having a fantabulous Sunday. Happy Weekending ;)