Saturday, June 24, 2006

realizing your old.

I went to a baby shower today and if you scroll down you will see the belly of the quest of honor. What I realized while at said shower is that im old. I looked around me and Im sitting with all the women that are my age or older and that all the "girls" are in with the mother to-be who is barely more than a babe herself. What accured to me as I sat there is that I was more comfortable where I was and that I had no real desire to go in and sit with all the 20 something's in and around the new mommy. Even if it meant that I could impart some of my wisdom (heh) on these girls who are searching for lifes instructions. Heres the thing though, maybe I want to be old, let me explain. When I was a young 20 something girl I would look longingly at groups like I was in this evening and think to myself, "man, wouldnt it be cool to be that cool.?" now not tooting my own here or anything but it does come down to this, I feel more comfortable and at ease because I am more comfortable and at ease, I no longer have to try to be all sexy and pretty and cute. I am a mother with a husband and short people to look after and to sit around with other "women" who are in the same boat and just take a good long relaxing deep breath, It acctually feels like ive caught my breath for a change. So call it old or call it settled but its nice not to be the mother to be, or the mom with the little babies. Also seeing three ( yes, folks THREE) pregos in the same room (there were supposed to be 4 but one popped last night) it made me very glad I am no longer capable of child bearing. Ill leave that to the 20 somethings.