Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday, playing hooky from work.

Okay with good reason, My store is closing and if I dont take my sick time I loose it, Ive been there 3 years and Ive taken 2 sick days, so the chances of me acctually being sick before we close is slim to none. So, I do have good house is a wreck. This brings me to my question: why is it some women hate housework? why cant I have some of that Monica Geller OCD? I just cant bring myself to do it when faced with one day off here and one day off there. If I did what needed to be done when it needed done my life would literally be work then clean, then work then clean. I would do nothing else. So if I have two days off in a row (which I had to call in sick to get) then I can feel like I got something done AND a little rest as well. I really really want to be one of those women who's brain starts to short-circuit with too much clutter. Who lives in a home where dust never settles or the kitchen floor looks (and feels) like its never needed sweeping. Once I was young and single and I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment with a stereo and a cat, I always had a tidy house. Then there where men in my life and still I managed to keep a tidy house, even when I lived with a single guy as a roommate who bless his heart was a pig. But then I became a mother. When there was only one I managed to maintain some esemblance of order, when there were two it became harder to that they are even older its really really hard to do. It seems that as I am getting one room done and moving to another that if I only turn my head the room I just finished seems to implode on itself as if it has a self-destruct button which activates upon cleaning "this room will detonate in 5, 4, 3...." maybe someday ill be posessed by Martha Stewart (its a good thing) and my whole house will sparkle and shine as if it has a self cleaning feature and no effort at all was needed to maintain its organization and cleanliness, untill then I am doomed to swim in the Ocean that is my own laundry.