Thursday, June 15, 2006

The last day

Its the end of the school year people, I am so pleased that I get to sleep in an hour for the next three months, then maybe Ill be out of this hell job and can sleep all day after the kids are back in school. And, I might. Untill I get all caught up on said sleep. My littlest girl will be attending school today. She is all better, a little sore in the tummy but she woke with a smile this morning and managed to eat a banana and some milk without cluching her gut and sayin' "momma, my tummy hurts" So all is well and the kids are almost off to school, I have one more to drop at the bus stop and then Im free. And so are they. P.S. Miss Melanie, in answer to your post about boring bloggers...not so boring. My life IS boring at the home front its the work front that irritating and comical and blog worthy but I really cant blog about that yet. SOOOOOO for now its the mundane home life ya'll git.
Happy last day of school!!! anyone else getting set free of the institution today? ;}