Monday, June 19, 2006

5 hours at the E.R.

Well, today my littlest girl was so wracked with tummy pain that I took her to the emergency room. After fives exausting hours they really dont know whats wrong, they think its a urinary tract infection and there positive its not appendisitice. But they wont know if its a UTI untill the test results come back tomorrow, so they gave me some scripts for some anitbiotics which I wont be administering untill they are SURE its a UTI. not givin' my kid medicine if she doesnt need it. And they also gave me a script for a fool-proof stool softener in case its just a really bad case of constipation. All of these problems could possibly lead to the vomiting which she also started to do again today. This does not however strengthen my faith in the medical profession when 3 doctors of different fields could not come up with a solid answer after a fucking cat scan. Anyway, now that im home which was also in question as they himmed and hawed over whether to keep her over night for oberservation I find that I am completley exausted and cannot sleep. Must be the worrying. The little one is however sleeping soundly now and I have to wonder if my first instinct was correct and she just has a stomach bug that she managed to re-infect herself with because I failed to get all of the water bottles she drank off of the first time out of her sight. When the guys with the degrees cant figure it out I have to wonder if, as a mother, im ultimatley more qualified as a pediatrician then the professionals.