Saturday, April 19, 2008

So...I was tagged and I missed it

So here we go.

Over at Auntie's Place, who sadly has decided to stop blogging, Auntie says she wants to know more about me and since she says she will still be reading and she is one of my newly found local blogs here go's.

I was born in Portland Oregon in 1973 to a very sweet 17 year old Mother and a 21 year old redneck Father.

I grew up in Southeast Portland and promptly left that shit hole of a suburb as soon as humanly possible...maybe a bit too soon for my Mom though, as I was only 17. But then again she had me at that age...I only had me.

I went to Marshall High School (recently I've been peeking at some old classmates at's a trip)

I have been working in Office's since I was 19 and seriously needed a career change as mine at the time was seedy and humiliating.

I once lived all by my self in a one bedroom apartment with a stereo, no t.v. (that was awesome) an open bottle of Chardonnay in the fridge at all times and a cat...I highly recommend this. Every woman should live by herself for a least a little while, it was the most fun I ever had.

I've lived in Washington and Colorado as well as Oregon but I always come back, Oregon is my home.

Until I got to Astoria I had never lived anywhere I could stay. I love it here, enough to keep me from moving back to Portland...for now.

I have two daughters who are soon to be 12 and 9...I have been with their Father whom I have never married since High School, oh like almost 18 years now.

I was once the Office manager of a local furniture store here in Astoria that closed down (thank the gods) back in October of 2006, that might have been my worst job ever and I once was the rat at Chuck E Cheeses so you do the math.

I moved to Astoria back in 2003 after my life grenaded on me. I lost my job, all my income, my apartment, my dignity all in the span of a week. I had to move in with my Mother-in-Law who was NOT WELL in the head at the time due to some inappropriate drug use. That situation went from bad to worse and resulted in some jail time and a restraining order.

Luckily it was tax time...and they owed with $1000 in my pocket I opened the paper while at MY Mother's house and the first ad for an Apartment I saw was one for the Riverines (Now Bayshore Apartments on Youngs Bay) they only wanted $390 for a two bedroom (later I found out why) and my Man and I told My mom we were going out to find place to live (she thought near her) that we'd be back that afternoon. We drove to Astoria and rented the apartment.

Two weeks later I got a job at the furniture store and two months later I moved into the house I still rent now. It has a beautiful view of the river that I incessantly post pictures with which to bore you all here. My kids are happy and stable and structured. They walk themselves up to their bus stop everyday with little worry on my part.

It was the best spur of the moment decision I ever made and I don't regret it or look back for a second. I may be broke but I'm happy, I might not have anything to do but I live at the beach so I can't even say that really...there's always something to do here, it's beautiful...even when it rains.

Soon I plan on going back to school, I hear there's a need for medical transcriptionists here in Fair Astoria and with a quick look at my job market here I don't have to worry about getting a job anytime soon...cause there aren't any. Plus I can take the class online I'm told and since I spend a fair amount of time at the computer anyway I might as well make it productive.

Thanks for the Tag Auntie! this was fun...come back soon.