Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Morning Nature Blogging

Meet Bee Boo.

Bee Boo is an Amazon Parrot, He/She is 11 years old. We call Bee Boo he. I believe Bee Boo is male I don't know why but I do. His owners are my Man's Aunt and Uncle.

Most likely my oldest daughter is going to end up with this bird. They live a very long time, he is her same age and his owners are well elderly.

The damn bird LOVES! my daughters, he dances when they come into the room, he says HI! like Joey says "How you doin?" on friends...really. He talks to them, let's them pet his head, hold his foot (like they're holding hands, it's cute) he'll sit on their shoulder pirate style if he's not being a brat.

I have a feeling that I will have to care for a Parrot in the future, lucky for me he's a riot so it won't be to much trouble.