Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And this spider is NOT in a cage...

It's in a candle...that USED to reside on my bedside table.

And when my dog knocked over my bedside table and all went crashing to the ground and my daughter picked it up and said "Look Mama, a dead spider" I looked in...decided she was right and put the candle back on the bedside table.

Next to my head.

Then later I reached over to switch on the lamp...and it moved...and so did my skin.

Unlike Miss Melanie's spider this one is Not in a cage, it was right. next. to. mah head. Where my mouth is. And my ears are.

It did not fly out of the candle when it hit the ground like you would expect either, no! It has built itself a nice little web in that candle and sealed itself in.

It's a poisonous spider by the way, in case you were wondering. It's the down side to living in the Pacific N.W. BIG HAIRY POISONOUS FUCKING SPIDERS THAT EAT YOUR FACE!

Bet you don't miss THAT bubblewench.


The Evil King inspected the spider last night, determined it is NOT poisonous though he could not tell me what it was and decided it could STAY! he refuses to kill it or remove it.