Wednesday, April 09, 2008



~ A Settlement of differences reached by mutual concessions ~

Her ~ I'm gonna wear a skirt today OK?

Me ~ You can't wear a skirt today, you have p.e. but you can wear a skort.

Her ~ But last week we had p.e. so this week we have music.

Me ~ No that's thursdays.

Her ~ What's today?

Me ~ Today is Wednesday.

Her ~ oh.

Me ~ You have five skorts, pick one.

Her ~ but...

Me ~ Listen...I could be a hard ass and demand that you wear jeans today as it's cold and wet AND you have p.e. but I'm going to compromise. That means we both want something different, you want to wear a skirt and I want you to wear jeans but we compromise with the skort. Underneath it's shorts but on the outside it looks like a skirt...we both kinda get what we want, get it?

Her ~ Yeah...Mom?

Me ~ Yes?

Her ~ Can I just wear jeans?