Thursday, April 24, 2008

So I am off like a dirty skirt...

I am leaving fair Astoria O' Beach of my existence today for fair Waldport O' Beach of a far off nature.

Why you ask would I go from one beach to another when the other is 4 hours away? I am going to my annual all girls family craft retreat. I'll be blogging again today so you will get the explanation of that.

I'm going to go ahead and post my Friday Morning Nature Blogging early as I will not have access to a computer while I am away, the post is already written; all I have to do is hit publish and jet out the door so I am remiss to explain it all here now when later it will seem like "yeah, okay! we get it now shut up already!" so you'll just have to wait.

Hey here's a thought though, I live at the beach right? Why can't I talk my family into doing craft retreat closer to my house? why must I drive my ass four hours away to craft at the beach when I live at the beach?

During crab festival?
Which I have never been able to attend due to craft retreat.
Hmmm, why?

This year I'm gonna work on them. There has got to be a better way. They have to see that there are places that are not four hours away that are still right on the beach. And were not even staying on the beach, more like a dunes length away. You can hear the Ocean but you have to climb the dune to see it.

Sigh, I'll shut up now.

At least I get to see some family I haven't seen since Christmas, so I guess it's worth it. Plus! I'll probably have lots of crafty things to blog about when I return on Sunday so SCORE!

Be prepared for handmade goodness coming SOON to a blog near you.

Sorry people's I tend to get nervous before a long drive...