Monday, April 07, 2008

Fun Monday

That's right folks......take it in.

That right there was my first love. My Daddy bought me that very was vinyl...that's right.

It was my first album. It was also 1978 and I was...young. I actually imagined he was singing to me. Ahh the mentality of a...young girl.

I did the little girl thing and I wrote my name using Gibb as my last name instead of my own, I listened to his record until I wore it out, I told my Dad I was going to Marry him when I grew up. He promptly informed me of the age difference between us. I cared not, I was to young to understand what inappropriate was.

In 1988 when he died of heart problems I was very sad, although my crush had moved on to Johnny Depp by that point the little girl in me cried for her once heart throb.

If you asked me now I'd still say Johnny Depp, but he wasn't first.