Thursday, March 13, 2008

Would it be child abuse if...

I wrapped duct tape all the way around their heads so that it covers up their stink mouths and their hair? I mean it's not as if they couldn't get it off. I didn't say anything about their hands, they could get it off if they wanted to, they just wouldn't want to 'cause it would hurt (heh)

My children are out of school today, Parent/Teacher conferences. Mine are over the phone. Thing is they only have them scheduled for Thursday but the kids have Thurs/Fri off and to this I say WTFBBQ I think if they're not going to use both days for conferences that they should not have two days for it. I mean it's not like this school ( my cousin is a school teacher so I have to be carefull ) has a shortage of days off or anything. They have at LEAST two days off a month every month save June which only consists of two weeks. They just couldn't justify squeezing in days off when there are only ten or so.

Plus! they get out an hour early every Thursday so the teacher's can...well...I'm not sure exactly. Grade papers, get caught up, better assess their student needs is what I think they said. But they also scheduled conferences for two days and are only using one so I don't know what to believe.

Anyway, All this means is that I have to deal with two small girls who seems to hate each other most of the time. Hopefully someday they will love each other and stop making want to duct tape them together for my own sanity.