Thursday, March 06, 2008

So close, so very very close

I was almost free, free to clean the house with the radio up to loud. Free to sing in my terrible voice with the to much enthusiasm of a woman alone in her own home. Free. But no, my youngest daughter was OUT THE DOOR PEOPLE...she was out the door (out) but then 2 minutes later she walked back in the door much to my horror and bewilderment.

Momma, I was half way up the hill when I almost threw up, I had hold it back and run home.
awwwwww. She hasn't thrown up yet, she's not running a fever not coughing or plegmy or ANTHING!!??! she does however have a canker sore that maybe the cause of it, it's on the heal but Web M.D. says this might be a side effect. She's currently watching fairly odd parents from her bed damn it.

Speaking of kids cartoons and completely off the subject, has anyone noticed that Jennifer Lopez named her newborn twins after the brats on PBS's Dragon Tails? I'm sorry to be like this how ugh.

When she finally comes down off the prego chemicals she's gonna feel silly. And later when her brats figure it out, oh what fun. Maybe they'll be doing some big stupid cheesy reality show by then and we'll all get to see it HA!. It would serve her right.

Anyway, I want to ask anyone who reads this (snort) to give your advice on canker sores if you have had any or know anything on the subject and aren't ashamed to say so, ever have them when you were a kid? what method did you use to get rid of it? did your mom have some miracle cure? did you? Tell me people I never had them as a kid so I'm trying my internet methods which were few.

Then go, out into the world and have a canker sore free day.

Thank You.