Saturday, March 22, 2008

To Rosebud on her 14th Birthday

I remember a time when there was only a Rosebud. When you were the only little girl in my world.

At this very moment 14 years ago I was, along with your father, pacing the floor waiting for your arrival.

sitting in my little apartment in South East Portland your Mother and I were singing a little, no song just humming. I sang a note, your mother sang in with the harmony and out of no where you chimed in with the third part to the harmony, totally blew me away.

Then farther along, sometime around your first birthday your Mother and Grandmother were throwing a glass party and I showed up late. I quickly made my way to where you sat in your grandmother's lap and made myself comfortable on the floor next to the two of you when you leaned as far toward me as you could, reached for me and then climbed into my lap where you sat for the rest of the party, pointing out objects and making sure I was paying attention to you while now and then patting your Grandmother's arm as if to let her know that you still loved her even though you had chosen my lap over hers.

And now you are a tall, strong, beautiful young lady and I love you ever so much and wish you the Happiest of Birthday's ever

Love Auntie Evil.