Friday, March 21, 2008


You ever have one of those days (or two) that you just can't seem to get it together and be nice? I know a few of my readers are like this.

I'm usually pretty good natured right from the start in the morning, now that's not to say that I'm all "yippee skippy chippy" or anything but I'm also not a grouch; I can even manage to be sweet natured in the morning.

However about every three months or so (startin' to think it's got somethin' to do with season changes) I get in a little bit of a funk. I need a little tolerance. I am not a super bitch from hell or anything but I pretty much loose my sense of humor and I might be a tad sensitive but over the years I have come to terms with this trait in myself and I try very hard when I'm feeling this way not to take it out on other people because in reality there is no real reason that I can pinpoint for this (A tiny spider just dropped down in front of me and seems to be reading my blog) other than it seems to coincide with the seasons changing .

So, here's my point. My wonderful Man, (he's still there! the tiny spider!) the one that takes care of me and pays all the bills can be a real...lets call it a bear (the spider just realized I was sitting here and is now climbing back up it's web) and I am...well... a master at tolerating this and not causing a fight or get offended over anything he says (OKAY! now he's on the desk...time to die) but then I have these little funks and it gets really hard to do. He even said "most of the time your so sweet and today and yesterday your well...not. (SQUISH! he's dead.)

Why can't a girl get a little slack, huh? why can't a girl have two days maybe three to not be the sweetest wife and Mom in the world? at 5 a.m.? everyday except Sunday? I mean I am the EVIL QUEEN! damn it.

Today all I want to do is sleep, I felt this way yesterday too. I didn't. I got out of the house. I saw a friend, we walked downtown, we had coffee, today we discovered that my favorite coffee house has an upstairs where we can go sit and people watch. Didn't know that was there. Totally awesome!

So, you see it's not as if I've been shut up in my house crying into my coffee. I'm fightin' off whatever demon this is tryin' to jump on my back and chew on my neck and if it's not to much to ask I'd like ya ta ease up offa me 'bout it. k? thnx bye