Monday, February 18, 2008

So yesterday,

My Rock-n-Roll fish truck driver and my two little evil princesses took our selves to Fort Stevens State Park, 'cause they have the awesomest family bike trails in the great N.W. The man and I however do not have bicycles yet, I tried to borrow some from my Mother-in-law who has well alot, but she said "no, let me have them spiffed up first" and I was thinking no problem 'cause my youngest still needs to get the hang of riding a bike.

Well, she's got the hang of it, and it only took her one try! stinking little muffin head. So anyway the four of us went for a walk/ride, the two girls riding there bikes and the two of us walking. It was SO beautiful out there oh my flip. That last bad storm we had that knocked out Astoria for four days pretty much ripped anything that wasn't firmly rooted right out of the ground but they've been cleaning it up and the beauty that the storm left behind makes it worth being without heat and power for so long.

The path was being taken back by the forest by the moss, bright spring green moss. The willow trees are starting to come out and they are right at that stage where their so small and soft. I had to take a wisp of it. The whole place looks like the kind of area that might be inhabited by fairies or some such thing. Every now and then the dog will take after some unseen thing and It makes me wonder what color that fairy was.

And my daughters, who whip the trail and back again on their bikes, riding over far more terrain on our adventure then I or my man are covering on foot. My youngest gets to the little foot bridge that crosses over the big stream and up to the middle we walk, then she gets on her tiny little pink schwinn stardust with the frilly tassles hangin' off the handle bars (can you see it?) and we tell her now make sure to use the brakes so you don't go to fast. Down the hill she goes and she's peddling and peddling and her Dad yells "USE YOUR BRAKES!" and she peddles still.

We get down to the bottom (after I fainted and Alex hauled my ass off the pavement) and ask her "didn't you hear me tell you to use your brakes?" and she says "YA but I didn't want to, I wanted to go faster!" all this with a HUGE grin on her face. That's right scare the Momma, whatever.

Oh funny thing happened on our little walk, this group of mountain bikers ride by us with there dog who looks to be some sort of herd dog and right before it barks and takes a nip at my dog who doesn't act that way one of the guys shouts "it's okay, he's nice" Now whats funny about these people is their all mountain bike geared up, with the fancy spandex outfits and their weird looking aero-dynamic racing style helmets. It looks like some snotty imported "local" had brought some of his even snottier out of towners to do "some serious bike riding dudes" only to find parents walking their little blond girls on pink stardust schwinn's.

They were not amused, I however thought it was damned funny.
served him right his dog made a liar out of him. And by the way mister!! that was NOT the off leash area, have some respect Man. BE NICE OR LEAVE!.