Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's a beautiful day here in fair Astoria.

But cold as a bitch. So here at the house of Evil we have a big day planned. We intend to haul the kid bikes out of the basement and attach them to the handy dandy new bike rack we bought with the last tiny little bit of our tax money, which I managed to blow in one short weekend...however I am now debt free thank you very much. Then we will take our young daughters to someplace that they can actually ride said bicycles since we live on a hill that is not at good for bike riding.

Last weekend the Daddy took the two girls out to the Jetty in Ft. Stevens State Park to let the oldest girl regain her foothold on the whole "I can ride a bike" portion of her memory and he was going to attach the training wheels from big sister's old bike to little sister's new bike when there was a snag. He, for some reason I'm still not sure of, can't get the training wheels onto the new little bike. So he decides to (and this is why I didn't participate in this particular function, 'cause I go nutty) teach the child to just ride the bike the old fashioned way. Her sister is now gleefully wheeling around the Jetty's giant parking lot only daunted by the speeds of her bike and how to shift them while not pitching forward onto her face.

So after only about 15 minutes if that my eight year old is riding her brand new bike sans any help from the wretched training wheels. How proud was I when her Dad called me to tell me all of this? I almost cried that's how proud! And SHE did pitch forward onto her face but did that stop her? Hell no, she came home with a big Ol' smile like her face had never met pavement before and her shins weren't scuffed at all.

So now I have to go and watch, soon we will all maybe have bicycles and I'll be able to loose the 20lbs I've gained since I quit smoking in August. Not to mention what a nice sappy family activity it will be to go bike riding together at the Park and all that. Ahhhhhhhhh.