Monday, February 18, 2008

Snipity snip Prince Tybalt

So today is the day that my little kitten who has gone from this.....

To a 13 pound monster who stinks and chases his mother around like she is his would be suitor.

Cats are disgusting, they will try to procreate with there own Mother's. It's very Oedipus, all sick and twisted and shit and I thought humans were bad.

However, my monster cat is very particular about his schedule these days. See I get up at 4:45 a.m. everyday except Sunday with my Man to help get him off to work smoothly. When I appear on the stair case (and this doesn't happen with any other family member) my dog starts doing the happy dance, he lays his ears back and he lays on his Lab eyes feature and starts to thump his tail, not wagging you see but thumping...he bangs his tail on the floor or the chair or what ever he happens to be sitting on. It's the cutest damn thing ever and it means "oh good! your awake, is it time for food? food food food food food food food food food.

About this time the cat seems to hear our movings around and appears outside and begins to throw himself bodily at the front door. He really throws himself too, it's sounds like someone threw a sack of potatoes at the door ITS THAT LOUD! Upon entering our domain he starts to yell, he does that loud also. He expects to be fed and now.

Well today, he didn't get fed and he's pist about it and he doesn't mind telling me so. He's just now calming down, maybe 'cause I got the biggest softest pillow in the house and talked him into laying down on it. Now he's purring and I can hear it from 3 feet away. Enjoy in now sweet Tybalt, Prince of Cats for today you meet with the business end of a scalpel. Hopefully he'll stop peeing on the rug right in front of me now.

So now I imagine that now my 13lb cat will turn in to a 25lb cat and maybe his mother will finally come back home, she's has taken up with the old lady down the street who's cat IS snipped. She doesn't even let her into her house but she still won't come home. She hates her kitten who's much bigger than she is and harasses her pitifully with his little Oedipus complex, I probably wouldn't come home either.

Later I'll tell you all about our Park Adventure yesterday and how pist I am I didn't take my camera to show you all my sweet children on their new bikes, or how my littlest girl is the daredevil of my children.