Saturday, February 16, 2008

It'a 6am here in fair Astoria and it's still dark

Good morning to you all out there in blog land.
It's Saturday morning here at the House of Evil, The Evil King is on his way to work to drive his Rock-n-Roll fish delivery truck (so named by our eldest daughter who thinks her Dad is the awesomest thing since candy) my two daughters are still tucked away in their beds and I have this glorious free time to blog till my little hearts content, or I go into computer overload whatever.

Now I know for the most part all of you out there in blog land usually take the weekend off.
However here at the House of Evil as per usual our schedule is not per usual. Once again the work schedule is split days off so the Evil King has to work Saturdays just like I did when I was the full time working Parent, now I get the Saturday's off. So I seem to get the Internet all to my self ( Maniacal laugh ensues) what will I do now that I am Queen of the Internet?

First, research a way to take over the world, then gather the minions with instructions to fan out over the world to take their positions and await further instructions for world domination, then maybe I'll start the pot roast, have dinner with the Evil King and the Evil Princesses and then watch a movie, after that maybe I'll take over the world. Can't rule the world on an empty stomach you know.

OH WAIT! I'm Queen of the Internet not Queen of the World! See how fast it can get outa hand? and it only took one paragraph. Now imagine if someone like that was really in control...oh wait.

Anyway, now that I have blathered on about crap no one will ever read I think I'll go now.
I hope you all have fine wonderful weekends filled with lots and lots of whatever it is that you like to do. But please! be reasonable, to much of anything is not good you know?