Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ode to St. Valentine, patron saint of lovers.

It would be nice to say some profound thing on this Valentine's day but I honestly don't have it in me. I'm not an eloquent writer or witty, sometimes funny but mostly not. Also it has been brought to my attention that the true meaning of Valentine's day has been lost as with most American holidays and I just can't bring myself to worship the almighty dollar again so soon after Christmas.
Not to mention the fact that I just can't afford it. I also don't need someone to tell me my day will suck if I don't get the obligatory chocolates and flowers and diamonds. Because chocolate will make you fat the flowers will die (by my hand anyway) and the diamonds? not only can I not afford them where the hell would I where them? Now don't get me wrong, I'm not be-grudging anyone their excuse to have a day a little less ordinary but for me it's just a way of draining my bank account for no real good reason . My relationship with my man will be just as good sans chocolate, flowers and diamonds. Besides the best things from him cannot be purchased and It doesn't have to be a special day to be told how special he thinks I am or how much he loves me and thinks I'm beautiful and sexy and really people after 17 1/2 years isn't that better than all that other crap anyway?
Not to mention this kinda started as a day for the advocation of binding lovers to each other and now its about how much money we spend!
So St. Valentine, nice thought and all but I don't need your ceremony, Thanks anyway!