Friday, February 15, 2008

Goodmorning from the house of EVIL

Well Valentine's turned out to be a big fat surprise, apparently The Evil King spent all day yesterday moping about how he didn't have the money to bring me anything for Valentine's day (what a sweetie pie) then he pulled his Rock-n-Roll fish Delivery Truck into the shop and low and behold his quarterly bonus had arrived much to our surprise. So after all my ranting my wonderful Man brought me flowers and chocolate anyway. Heh...and yes the flowers will die and the chocolate will make me fat, but...he loves me and that's still all that matters. After all this time he is still my Lover, my friend, my favorite boy in the whole wide world and I love him.

So I'll take it when I get it and when I don't I won't cry, I still don't believe all the Holiday commercialism designed to make people feel guilty for not giving or bad for not getting when the reality is that's not what matter's and the original meaning of these silly holidays are lost and people all over have to learn to face reality and live by their means what ever those means are and shame on the media for giving people more reasons to feel bad about themselves.

So Happy Back to Normal Day everybody, have a great friday. I'm going to clean my house, pay some bills, get gas, buy dog food and then have coffee with a girlfriend. It's gonna be a great day!