Monday, June 26, 2006

Okay dont laugh...

Call me a vidiot, but, Its a sad sad day in vidiot land my friends. Aaron Spelling has passed on. YES FOLKS Donna Martin's daddy has died so sayeth the kids over at GFY. I was not immune to the lure of 90210 and Melrose. Even as a child I would secretly be disappointed when a family member would rather watch golf then the great Dynasty (see the nasty in that?) or Dallas (Oh J.R., your great creator has gone) I think anyone who loved him or his work openly or in secret should give a second to pay homage to the man who brought the trash romance novel to the boob-tube. A great era has ended and for this I am sad.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

realizing your old.

I went to a baby shower today and if you scroll down you will see the belly of the quest of honor. What I realized while at said shower is that im old. I looked around me and Im sitting with all the women that are my age or older and that all the "girls" are in with the mother to-be who is barely more than a babe herself. What accured to me as I sat there is that I was more comfortable where I was and that I had no real desire to go in and sit with all the 20 something's in and around the new mommy. Even if it meant that I could impart some of my wisdom (heh) on these girls who are searching for lifes instructions. Heres the thing though, maybe I want to be old, let me explain. When I was a young 20 something girl I would look longingly at groups like I was in this evening and think to myself, "man, wouldnt it be cool to be that cool.?" now not tooting my own here or anything but it does come down to this, I feel more comfortable and at ease because I am more comfortable and at ease, I no longer have to try to be all sexy and pretty and cute. I am a mother with a husband and short people to look after and to sit around with other "women" who are in the same boat and just take a good long relaxing deep breath, It acctually feels like ive caught my breath for a change. So call it old or call it settled but its nice not to be the mother to be, or the mom with the little babies. Also seeing three ( yes, folks THREE) pregos in the same room (there were supposed to be 4 but one popped last night) it made me very glad I am no longer capable of child bearing. Ill leave that to the 20 somethings.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ten things I hate...

First and formost
1. I hate stupid people.
2. I hate it when customers walk into my store at 5 min to close and shop till they buy nothing for 45 min. People the overtime is NOT that great.
3. I hate it when my bra strap snaps.
4. I REALLY hate pulling out something to wear that I love and discovering that TODAY it looks and feels (very important) like shit on.
5. I hate the word BUT. me: go pick up your coat off the floor, 9 goin on 19: BUT, BUT WHY?
6. I hate most men between the ages of 18 and 22, it should be manditory for them to spend these years on an Island unto themselves far far from everyone.
7. I hate a few assorted body parts, which for humility sake I will not name here.
8. I hate my job.
9. I hate to be cold
and this ones the big one,
10. I hate HATE HATE HATE...(hate) housework.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Off to the greater P-Town area...

well folks, its off to the big city for us here Astoria hick folk, pacen up the dog and the kids and headin' out. See ya'.

Monday, June 19, 2006

5 hours at the E.R.

Well, today my littlest girl was so wracked with tummy pain that I took her to the emergency room. After fives exausting hours they really dont know whats wrong, they think its a urinary tract infection and there positive its not appendisitice. But they wont know if its a UTI untill the test results come back tomorrow, so they gave me some scripts for some anitbiotics which I wont be administering untill they are SURE its a UTI. not givin' my kid medicine if she doesnt need it. And they also gave me a script for a fool-proof stool softener in case its just a really bad case of constipation. All of these problems could possibly lead to the vomiting which she also started to do again today. This does not however strengthen my faith in the medical profession when 3 doctors of different fields could not come up with a solid answer after a fucking cat scan. Anyway, now that im home which was also in question as they himmed and hawed over whether to keep her over night for oberservation I find that I am completley exausted and cannot sleep. Must be the worrying. The little one is however sleeping soundly now and I have to wonder if my first instinct was correct and she just has a stomach bug that she managed to re-infect herself with because I failed to get all of the water bottles she drank off of the first time out of her sight. When the guys with the degrees cant figure it out I have to wonder if, as a mother, im ultimatley more qualified as a pediatrician then the professionals.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day to my favorite boy in the whole wide world...

See that right there, That man asked me to have that baby. And Im so glad I did, they say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one is. I coulndt say anything as beautifull as I think this picture is, Thank you my lover, my friend and my soul mate. You have given me everything. Happy Fathers Day Alexander,
I Love You.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The last day

Its the end of the school year people, I am so pleased that I get to sleep in an hour for the next three months, then maybe Ill be out of this hell job and can sleep all day after the kids are back in school. And, I might. Untill I get all caught up on said sleep. My littlest girl will be attending school today. She is all better, a little sore in the tummy but she woke with a smile this morning and managed to eat a banana and some milk without cluching her gut and sayin' "momma, my tummy hurts" So all is well and the kids are almost off to school, I have one more to drop at the bus stop and then Im free. And so are they. P.S. Miss Melanie, in answer to your post about boring bloggers...not so boring. My life IS boring at the home front its the work front that irritating and comical and blog worthy but I really cant blog about that yet. SOOOOOO for now its the mundane home life ya'll git.
Happy last day of school!!! anyone else getting set free of the institution today? ;}

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I have a very sick little girl. She has been throwin' up all week, and, its the last week of school. Poor little thing. The best part of being in school too! the very last week is always the most fun. AND now the man has it too. If im lucky ill get through the week without catching it also. Im very carefull not to drink out of their water glasses, not to kiss them on the mouth, to bleach anything that they may have touched that may come in contact with MY mouth or any other part of me. I mean CRAP I cant get sick, I have to work damnit. So far the demon virus has stayed clear of me, I think it knows that I might do something drastic if its decides to take up residence anywhere in or around me, I have bleach and Im not afraid to use it!! Either that or my allergies are so bad (and they are) that nothing can get past it and when it does I sneeze it out so fast it cant take root. Not to mention that my home remedy involves some strong whiskey and since my man quit drinking 3 months ago so did I, now Im not sure what ill do if I get ill. SO on that note, after three days my girl is starting to feel a little better but still not good enough to attend school today, anyone out there got a good flu remedy they'd like to share with a tired mother of a sick 6 year old? I would really love it if she could attend the last day of school? Anyone?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lacey and her belly bauble...

Okay this is for all of you ladies who are worried about what will happen to your belly-button piercing's while you are, this is Lacey's belly. Lacey is my office clerk who will be having little Kylie Yavonne sometime mid-august. and look it! she can still wear her pretty little belly bauble. So, prego's spruce up that belly and show it off. You too can be a belly bauble wearer.

Here she is folks...isnt she pretty.

In all her splendor and glory the sweet little thing acctually stopped and posed for me.
HA HA Miss Melanie! Neener

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Its a helluva walk but its worth the view...

So, heres what the begining of the walk to the bus stop looks like

then as you round the 1st corner of the hill you see this,

then after the huffing and the puffing you get to the top and voila!

the beautifull Astoria Meglar bridge (I know the name, who picked that?) and the enormous mouth of the Columbia River. And while the view is worth the walk...I usually drive. But still, isnt it awesome? this is what I see out my dining room window, theres a few more houses in my view but who cares, I love it.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday, playing hooky from work.

Okay with good reason, My store is closing and if I dont take my sick time I loose it, Ive been there 3 years and Ive taken 2 sick days, so the chances of me acctually being sick before we close is slim to none. So, I do have good house is a wreck. This brings me to my question: why is it some women hate housework? why cant I have some of that Monica Geller OCD? I just cant bring myself to do it when faced with one day off here and one day off there. If I did what needed to be done when it needed done my life would literally be work then clean, then work then clean. I would do nothing else. So if I have two days off in a row (which I had to call in sick to get) then I can feel like I got something done AND a little rest as well. I really really want to be one of those women who's brain starts to short-circuit with too much clutter. Who lives in a home where dust never settles or the kitchen floor looks (and feels) like its never needed sweeping. Once I was young and single and I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment with a stereo and a cat, I always had a tidy house. Then there where men in my life and still I managed to keep a tidy house, even when I lived with a single guy as a roommate who bless his heart was a pig. But then I became a mother. When there was only one I managed to maintain some esemblance of order, when there were two it became harder to that they are even older its really really hard to do. It seems that as I am getting one room done and moving to another that if I only turn my head the room I just finished seems to implode on itself as if it has a self-destruct button which activates upon cleaning "this room will detonate in 5, 4, 3...." maybe someday ill be posessed by Martha Stewart (its a good thing) and my whole house will sparkle and shine as if it has a self cleaning feature and no effort at all was needed to maintain its organization and cleanliness, untill then I am doomed to swim in the Ocean that is my own laundry.

Friday, June 02, 2006

My first e-bay purchase ever!

Okay this is the 1st thing I ever bought on e-bay, arent they fabulous? And look, just look at that heal, they were only $10! I was so excited, my 1st on-line purchase. They arrived and I put one on my right foot...soooooooooooo fuckin' cute could not wait to wear them to work the next day. Then, I sat them side by side to admire them, but wait I have them backwards...right on the left, left on the right. So I switched them around...this did not help...they still look funny. I switched'um again, still not right WTF??? then I really start to look at them, my girl Marie was over and shes lookin' at'um funny to. Then almost in unison we both realize the problem and blurt it out...I have TWO RIGHT SHOES! I got my money back, the lady who sold them to me was also duped, she thought they were a size 9 (that IS what the box says size 9) and once she realized they were acctually a 6 she didnt even notice they were two right shoes, and she sold them to me still unknowing. She was really apologetic and all, but I, I am still heartbroken over the shoes and I keep them still because maybe someday Ill find two left shoes and then (gleefull grin) Ill have TWO pairs of these fabulous shoes.