Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ever have a Mom sandwich?

Well thats how I woke up this morning, the littlest girl apparently crawled into bed with me in the middle of the night and its been so long since she 's done it that I let her stay when I realized she was there, I even curled myself around her and cuddled up with her. Cause really, how much longer can I do that? soon she wont be little at all. Then the daddy decided he was gonna cuddle up with ME, which was absolutley wonderfull at the time, I had the little girl curled up to my tummy and I was curled up in the daddy's tummy and all was right with the world. Untill they turned up the heat, then it went from a cold Mom sandwhich to a fried Mom sandwich. This woke me up from a dead sleep (another reason to cuddle with little girl, she gives off an awesome sleep vibe that NO-ONE could resist) I found I could not move, I was sweaty (most unattractive) and my elbow (?) and one small spot on the side I wasnt laying on was hurting so bad it allmost made yelp. Instead I woke the daddy and politely ask for my share of the bed back, not that cuddling with my big giant man isnt nice but once youve started to puddle you risk grossing him out 16 years or no. I then left the two of them as going back to sleep was not an option, my eyes had lazily drifted to the clock which told me it was 2 minutes till it started to yelp, oh well, (sigh) back to hell, I, I mean work.