Thursday, August 31, 2006

My week at a glance...

Okay sunday was supposed to be spent relaxing but instead I had to go pick up the my stranded man from a 2nd yurt building trip, which was crazy. as soon as I arrived his rides car started.
On the way home we were almost hit head on by a state patrol truck who's was going so fast when he rounded the corner in my lane that his tires were squealing and he ran me off the road. Our warehouse guys have managed to break the same part on the same delivery truck twice this week. It is now in the shop for the second time.
The idiot warehouse manager who doesnt know how to do his job has pissed everyone off in the store, two of his guys quit, but he still manages to think he knows what hes doing and were all idiots (pssssst, he broke the truck the 1st time, 3rd time in his 9 month employment!)
Today is my mans 33rd birthday Happy Birthday Axe! IIIIIIII luv ya. And today he was feeling nice and said "get as dirty as you want, schools almost here its your last chance." To our children while we were at his aunts house.
They literaly were covered head to toe in mud. You ever see those little aborigany kids with mud so thick it kinda dreads their hair? My children. I had to cover the backseat with sleeping bags (thank god I left them in the truck) and they still trailed mud all over the back and the back of the front seats even though I practically wrapped them in the bags. Should've stuffed them inside.
Then I get home only to realize that the dog has some how sliced open his foot and has saturated the buff colored fabric of my front seat with blood.
And there is only 5 days left till school starts and I havent bought one damn thing for the kids yet. That was just before I sat down to post. I can safely say I need a break.