Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hey Buddy! your village called! they would like to have their idiot back.

So I really cant say all that much because I do want to stay employed long enough to collect my well deserved unemployment compensation. BUT! I have three dudes at my store going through AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL the inventory (psst, no ones done it in three years!) and their realizing that its bad, its so fucking bad. Its not surprising their having to close this store. They are fucking morons when it comes to inventory. So when we got the memo saying who was comming and it said "they'll be there Mon. & Tues." well its wednesday, when I left at 6pm (being a woman Im not qualified to do the inventory) I asked sweetly "So, I take it your not done yet so...y'all will be here tomorrow? (yes I said y'all) and he replied yes we'all will. Okay then see ya tomorrow! He tried to convince me to stay and help but I reminded him I wasnt qualified. So, needless to say, twice today they said out loud how bad it all was and twice I laughed out loud. I couldnt help it. It was a little easier to take when I could see the look in their eyes...the one that told me that they could see how fucked up and frustrating it all was and that I was completley aware of it, not only that but I had been dealing with it for longer than they really were aware of (they really think women are stupid, they really have that one backwards.) Anyway...I should stop. But when I have time and no job I am so gonna bitch, tattle and whine till Im blue.