Saturday, August 19, 2006

The two voices of Evil.

So it was brought to my attention today that I have two very differant voices. One is my "how are you today? how can I help you? sure I can take your money!" voice. The second is my "get your slow lazy ass to the office and out of the dark warehouse you lazy fucking warehouse guy!" voice. and while I dont acctually say that, its more like "warehouse to the office for customer assitance" Its a very drop everything and get up here yesterday, voice. The first is sweet natured with a little lifting of the octave range sweet curtious and polite, the second one drops at least an octave lower and has a distinct "mother telling her children what to do and to do it swiftly" type of twinge to it. My customer heard both in the span of two minutes and said "WOW! thats a noticable voice differance, I wouldnt have thought those two voices came from the same person if I hadnt been watching it." What can I say? some times ya gotta be nice, sometimes ya gotta be a BITCH!.