Sunday, August 06, 2006

The sweetest gift

Dear Universe,
Today, my mother-in-law took my children to her house, just outside of portland. WOO HOO!!! no fighting, no fussing, no "MOM SHE CALLED ME AN IDIOT." "NO I DID NOT YOU STUPID IDIOT!!!". ahhhhhhh the peace and quiet, I may just go to bed and not get up till tomorrow, or go visit some friends with no kids and drink all their booze. Id be at the bar right now except that the little repreive im getting also came right after the rent was due so I am completley broke and can do nothing with myself that requires funds. Ah well at least Im free for a few days. that will have to do, Thank you universe for giving me this kind gift. Now bring them back to me safe and sound so I dont regret the wonderfull me time I have been given.
Evil Queen.