Monday, June 09, 2008


I don't want to offend any of my male reader's so I'm offering a disclaimer...MALE BASHING TO BEGIN IN 3, 2, 1...

I have spent the last two weeks catering to a very sinus infected male....up to and including when I finally banished him to urgent care three days ago for antibiotics....I spent the first two days forgetting that he was sick and saying stupid things like "What's wrong babe?" only to be followed by this shriek "I'M FUCKING SICK DENISE, WHAT DO YOU THINK IS WRONG?"

Now two weeks later, I'm sick, Three days now I've been dealing with this headache; you know the one; where you bend over to pick up the sock you just dropped and your head tries to pound it's way out of your skull? yeah that one.

Well here's the rub...God...he didn't give Men (at least mine, I'll give you boys that!) the ability to deal with sick people. NO! Once his needs are met (antibiotics being the final solution) he has no sympathy. After two and a half weeks of dealing with his whining and bitching and moaning about his DAMN SINUSES do I get any comfort? Some sympathy? NO! I get "WHAT?" I'M ON ANTIBIOTICS GOD DAMN IT, I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR YOUR ILLNESS; even though I caused it"

Sorry babe, it really sucks that after two weeks of taking care of my lame ass that you got my stupid fucking cold! Sorry that you don't have any health insurance and you CAN'T go to the doctor for antibiotics, sorry that you have to resort to FUCKING WHISKEY (bleh) and DayQuil to get rid of your cold, no conventional medicine for YOU!

O'kay he didn't say that last part but DUDES it totally felt that way. However, he DID say "Your just drunk!"

O'kay it's almost 5pm and I've had 3 shots of bad whiskey since noon, and while it may seem like a lot to some of you I added those shots to glasses of: chamomile tea, lemon wedges, honey and cayenne pepper. I AM HAVIN' A FUCKIN' BLAST BEBE!

Yeah right, in what world is the above recipe grounds for FUN I ask you?

If I wasn't sick I would think I was a lunatic for drinkin' that shit 'cause people...aside from it's medicinal value THAT recipe is FUCKED UP! that's right I said it...fucked up...It's not your "get your drunk on" kinda drink NO! it's a kick your ass right into bed for a whole day kinda drink.

But what is a girl who is waiting for a decent president and good health care to do I ask you?
Do you have another suggestion besides what Hellouise and self medication can offer?

Cause if you have any home remedies to avoid a sinus infection I would dearly love to hear them!