Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No wit today....

My butt is broken.

When I first got pregnant oh these twelve and a half years ago, I experienced something many woman have the misfortune of experiencing....sciatica.

If your not familiar it means - that the spots to the left or right side of the small indentation made by your tale bone will...catch or stick if you will; seize up may be the correct term. The end result being that it's very hard to sit or stand or to bend over or stand up from a bent over state...you know, things we humans do everyday to function normally.

Well mine has been acting up for a week now. Makes picking up laundry very difficult. It even makes sitting here typing this post a tad bit uncomfortable.

Ahhhh, one more reason for all you childless people out there to think twice about having kids. Don't get me wrong you know the drill...I love my kids, wouldn't trade them, wouldn't do it different blah blah blah...

BUT! my body has suffered, greatly. I am still suffering from pregnancy side effects and my oldest will be twelve soon. I just want to slap all those ladies out there who say "Oh I just love to be pregnant, I feel so wonderful! I could do this the rest of my life"

Go to hell I say! What's wrong with you I say? Are you insane? Did you not get sciatica? Morning sickness from hell? Aches? Pains? General misery? What planet are you from I say?

I hated it! I felt...invaded. And it didn't help when dear sweet Miss Melanie said "Hey Denise, you got somethin' alive in there, ain't that kinda gross?" All I could think then was "get out get out get OUT!"

Ya! thanks for that. As if it wasn't bad enough what with all the incontinence.

Anyway I digress. My point is I'm not funny today. My butt is broken.