Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Anthony

It has been four months since you past and it still seems like the phone might ring and when I pick it up "Hello Darlin'" might come through from the other end.

You would have been 61 years old today, still seems so young to me. I can't quite remember the last time I saw your face, was so long ago; I think it was my front yard but the memory is blurry now.

If someone had asked me at Christmas who I thought I would be with out in the coming year your name would not have come up. I still can't hardly think of you without the sting of tears, how the suddenness of it all still hurts me so deep, how it's still so close to the surface.

I know your in a better place; wherever that place might be and so the pain and the tears are all just for me; for my loss and the sorrow it's caused the Man I love and his family, your family.

You were loved by everyone who met you and you are missed by them in your absence.

I love you A, Happy Birthday.