Monday, June 23, 2008

Ode to Pollen

Oh bane of my existence, oh powder from the very depths of hell why do you torment me so?
Why when the very absence of you would bring the World to an end do I want you to cease to exist?

Is it because of the beautiful things you cause to grow? Or the sweet, sweet honey that is produced because of you? Why no, of course not. I'm still a lover of nature you know, though it pains me so.

No, it's because of the itching I feel all over my poor little allergy ridden person. It's because of my eyes that burn like fire. It's the itching sensation in the back of my throat that nothing can touch; that horribly irritating sensation that makes swallowing a cactus seem.......lovely.

It's the sneezing attacks that occur anywhere, anytime that cause the scent of flowers to burst forth from my nose and mouth (people have actually stopped me to ask the name of my perfume, IT'S ME DAMN IT AHHHH!) causing people to follow me around sniffing me as though I were some sort of strange flower.

How from seemingly no where ungodly amounts of snot will pour from every orifice on my face and at the most inopportune moments at that.

And the grass, sigh. The beautiful, fragrant, soft, cool, torturous, heathen, unloving, unforgiving, from hell grass. How I would love to be five again, back before the words "hay fever" were a part of my vocabulary, before the discomfort of itchy watery eyes and nose could touch me in my youth. How all at once the very smell of it brings terror and elation, ecstasy and dread.

Alas, here I sit; Once again mulling over my big dilemma of the Summer; Do I suffer? Or do I break down and take the allergy pills? Do I want to be miserable? Or do I want to be doped up?

Oh the angst of Evil.