Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 1

And now I will post for you a response to my last post pertaining to what I would do when my kids left and since dooce has had so much luck posting snark I thought I would try it. And P.S. I so got drunk last night, we went to The Columbian and I had red wine (holy shit they still serve that?) while we watched Iron Man and I might do it again GASP.

"Anonymous said...

Wow, getting drunk? People still actually drink? I thought that went out with the 1980s.....really girl, get a grip..young moms aren't supposed to "get drunk". It's not a healthy thing to do to your body or your brain-but oh well, do what you gotta do. But remember, boozers are LOSERS"

Disclaimer: Let it be known that I drink. I used to be a smoker but it's been almost one year since I quit that (yeah for me!) I do not go to church, I am not religious, I don't know what I believe where it pertains to "God" or whatever, I swear and I may do so here...that is why I'm on this site, I do not post comments on people's blogs without leaving my name; if I want to give out my two cents I'll be big enough to tell you who I am and where to find me, I may offend you; if I do and you want to leave me that's okay ~ I don't care if I'm not everyone's favorite person but I'm not trying to be either.

If you are offended by any of those things your probably reading the wrong blog and with 75,000 people a day or so out there starting new blogs I am SURE you will find something that suits you just fine, I know I have. I do this because I enjoy it and the day that changes will be the day you click in to my blog and find it gone.