Monday, August 04, 2008

Well....I knew that was to good to be true.

When the lady on the phone told me it would be no problem to transfer my phone line I thought...huh...that's odd how very easy that was and it would have been, if there had been wires to my apartment, which there were not, to the phone that is.

Why I ask are there no wires to my apartment? This building is 35 years old for Christ sake, you would think someone would have complained by now. Best of all, they failed to set up my linebacker service, you know the service that keeps them from charging you 85 dollars an hour to step inside your door, the service he failed to tell my I didn't have until after he was inside? Yah, that one.

So three days later and I have a phone and a computer and my Friday morning nature is now Monday night's bitch session.

The move went relatively smooth for what it's worth, 1/3 of my belongings are now in storage and the other 2/3 fits better than expected so alls well there, the new view is by far greater than the previous view and I'll show you pics as soon as I'm brave enough to let my locals know where I landed as it seems they are very good at determining location from a photo.

Hope you are all well, wish I could stop by but I'm buried in boxes, I'll see you when the cardboard clears.