Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To my Daughter on her 12th birthday

12 years ago this day at about 11am I had been in labor for oh about 30 hours, I was hungry and I had to shit (I know it's weird but there it is, gross right?)

I remember saying "can I get lunch soon?" they said "If you don't have this baby by noon you'll have to wait till the dinner service at 5pm."

She was born at 11:59am. I had my lunch by 12:30. The rest is not for this post.

Anyway, that started this life I now live. This one that drags me out of bed everyday so that I can make two self reliant young woman who can stand on their own two feet.

It seems like yesterday she was just learning how to talk and calling me Daddy on purpose.

Now she's is almost as tall as me, has my hairdo and sings to her c.d's with "emotion"

And she looks like this now...

Happy 12th Birthday my sweet, sweet lovely girl. I love you ever so much