Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To whom it may concern...

Yeah, I'm lazy ... what of it?

Yeah, I'm neglecting my blog ... bite me.

I just moved, I just got a new job, I just got my kids back after two glorious weeks without them ... you could say I'm busy.

As well as school it starts in three weeks, in 1 1/2 weeks I'll be alone for a a week at my brand new job, (I think I may have done something breaky to my hand, holy cats it hurts) So guess what? it's not over! There is more neglect to come! Oh yes.

If you don't like it well sorry. I'm a little dazed right now, I dream about my new job so hell bent am I on absorbing all I can before I have to do it by myself with no crutch. Someone's business, not mine but in my hands, a small business no corporate assholes this...no.

So this? Not my number one priority.

And while some want nothing more to be loved and adored by the masses I...do not!

I care not who does or does not love me. I am Evil after all. I care not for your affections.

This is not a popularity contest though some would think it so, no...this is my accounting of pieces of my life and all those who would read not, need not.