Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ho-ly Cats!

Fuck people! I. am. in. hell. I fucking hate this apartment community.

I am moving as SOON as my god damn lease is up!!!!!!

I have lived here 16 days and I have gotten 6 notices already...6!? The hell?

Today I left a message on the landlady's machine about the most recent "notice", 'cause I discussed the issue that caused the "notice" and it was no problem, well her "boy" apparently wasn't told about it or whatever 'cause he seems to have a problem.

Now I have to deal with this at work, in front of my new boss whom I don't want to lay my ghetto sitch on at this early stage.

I'm pissed. Fuck them, fuck this, fuck fuck fuck.

I just want to be a quiet tenant who pays my rent and follows the rules now LEAVE ME ALONE! DAMN!

A curse on your house!