Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The weirdness of Evil by request.

Okay so my friend Melanie (sorry not skilled enough to make her name a link) has requested ney demanded thay I post 5 things that are weird about me. All I have to say before I start is: You know what my name is, you asked for it remember that.

1. I am a complete slob at home, I am not OCD inclined when it comes to housework, however I cannot function in anything but complete organization at work, I cannot work on top of work everything has to be neat and tidy down to the contents of the desk drawers.
2. I love to watch bull riding, this is a new one for me. Recentley I was flipping channels and ended up on the Outdoor Life Network where to my astonishment I found my self hollering at the T.V. like a dude watching the superbowl. A new love of PBR (professional bull riding) was born.
3. I have a jar. In that jar: A wolf tooth, a human tooth, feline and canine whiskers and baby teeth, A white hair from a witch, a porcupine quill and the wings of multiple insects. I also conned my children out of the toothfairies treasure by out bidding her for them and I have all there babyteeth as well.
4. I dont do death. I dont cry when people die, I dont mourn at the funeral, I laugh. I laugh at people who lie about the dead, I try not to do it out loud, or if not then at least keep it to the row Im in. what can I say see #3.
5. When Im alone and something or someone has pissed me off, Ill talk to it/them as if they were there, Ill say the mean things I think only when Im angry but would never really say to any person. If you walked in on me doing it you'd think I was a nutter. I got this one from dear ol' Dad, I know 'cause I have walked in on him doin' this. Thanks Dad!
And there you have it folks Im a loon. Im sure there's more but thats all ya get.